The PrepaidGiftBalance is now common among people all over the world. Gift cards are also very helpful when someone has to gift something to anyone else. With these cards, the person who has to gift does not have to worry about choosing the perfect gift for the other person and these Gift Cards surely bring a smile on the face of the receiver and make them happy. People send money to each other on special occasions as a token of love and now with these Prepaid Gift Cards, it has become easier.

It is easier, safe and convenient to carry a card instead of carrying all your cash which can be risky at times. Cash can be easily stolen and one can do nothing about it but if a card is stolen then the thief cannot use it until unless they have the PIN or Password and the owner of the card can get the card easily deactivated by contacting the authorities. The balance in Prepaid Gift Cards can also be checked and one can keep track of the account balance and then use it accordingly. There is no difficulty in even checking the balance of Prepaid Gift Card, it is just like logging in to one’s personal account.

The PrepaidGiftCards are gift cards which one can use to buy and purchase things from stores all around the United States. Prepaid Gift Cards are prepaid and can be used when one is short of cash. Prepaid means the card should be recharged before using it. These cards are usually used for making small payments. As the cards are prepaid there is a limit on how much one can use it and one can spend according to the limit on the card. When the limit is over the cards have to be topped up again. Now Login Prepaidcardstatus, Create an Account, Activate, Check Balance and more

Everyone is also very familiar with the concept of Credit Cards and Debit Cards. The Prepaid Gift cards are a great alternative to credit and debit cards. Internet transactions now have become really secure with the advancement of technology. The Prepaid Gift card is similar to the Credit Cards but does not have all the features of a Credit Card. Prepaid Gift Cards cannot be used at ATMs for getting cash.


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What is PrepaidGiftBalance Card

The trend of the time has changed. People no more carry cash for any transaction. The world of internet has made money online and this is how people save up a lot of energy that would otherwise have been spent in carrying liquid money and worrying about its security. It is far better than carrying cash on hand. It has become safer with the cards.

Money can be stolen or lost. And once lost or taken away, you can never get that back. Unlike money, cards, if lost, can never be used by someone else because that person will require the password or PIN of your card. You can instantly change your password or make the card invalid by informing the respective authorities. At the same time, you will lose no money if you lose your card. You can apply for cancellation of your card anytime.

Nowadays all the stores have developed their own customized cards for the convenience of their customers. These cards are specially designed to make shopping or other services easier. Kroger also has come up with its own cards. The card is called as Prepaid Gift Balance card. As is said in the name the cards come with a Prepaidgiftbalance and you can use the card to buy articles from Kroger shops. Not only that you can use the cards elsewhere if you need. In the following article, we will discuss, for your convenience, about types of cards, features of Prepaid Gift Balance cards and how to keep account of your spending by checking the balance of these cards.

Types of PrepaidGiftBalance Cards

If you are a United States citizen, you should know that you are entitled to two different cards. The cards are available with United States National Association. You just have to apply to the authority.

Visa card is one of the two types of PrepaidGiftBalance cards. The card comes with all the perks of online payment cards that you find in the Debit and Credit cards. The only difference is that with a debit card or credit card, you can change it into cash. With PrepaidGiftBalance Visa card that facility is still not available. Irrespective of that Visa card will be of immense help to you.

  1. You can use the card to buy an article from the shops in the United States.
  2. You just need to note that the cards will be acceptable in only the US shops that accept Visa Debit and Credit Cards.
  3. These cards are mandatorily prepaid cards which means you need to maintain a balance to make the purchase.
  4. There is a limit to how much you can spend with Visa cards.
  5. So it is understood, these cards are used to make small purchases.

Mastercards are same with Visa cards. You will enjoy all the perks with PrepaidGiftBalance Mastercard.

  1. Mastercards are similar compared to Visa cards.
  2. Although you can not use these cards virtually and they are not like credit or debit cards.
  3. You need to maintain an online account to operate with these cards.
  4. You will require a PIN with which you can turn the card on and make your purchase. 5. The limit to expenditure is most of the times printed on the back of the card.
  5. The balance can be verified also through the online account you create.

These two cards are perfect prepaid gift balance cards that you can use easily with just a few clicks. They will do away with you making strains to carry a lot of paper currencies.

Some Common Features of These Cards

There are some features of these cards which are common to both the cards. Customers need to know about these features for their convenience. Some key features are

  • You can use the cards only in the US to buy goods.
  • You can use the cards wherever the merchant accepts the cards.
  • You will be able to check our PrepaidGiftBalance card balance if you log into the portal.
  • You need to remember that you can use the cards only to make smaller payments. No bigger payments cannot be made. The cards will be of immense help when you lack any changes in a bigger payment.
  • Do not try to use the card to get cash from the ATMs. You won’t be able to do that.
  • There is no charge for continued utilization of the cards.
  • You will require to pay $2 if you do not use the card for a year.
  • You won’t be able to use the cards outside of the United States.

These are the general features of these cards. You need to keep these things in mind while using the cards.

Charges for Using PrepaidGiftBalance Cards

Well, you will not be charged anything for using these cards. You can use the card within the boundary of the United States. There will be no charge for that. But if you purchase something abroad and try to pay using the PrepaidGiftBalance card, the transaction might be refused. You just have to continue using the card within the premises of the US. However, if you do not use the card for more than twelve months, you will require to a pay a fee of $2.

How You Can Access the Online Portal of PrepaidGiftBalance

You first have to understand that this guide is meant for only the United States only. You can access this portal and login to your account. You can also check your PrepaidGiftBalance card balance by accessing the online portal. The website,, is what you need to look up at first.

  • After receiving your card, you must have to activate it. Unless you activate it, you cannot use it for your use.
  • To activate your account, you will require to access our official online
  • Then you will notice a 16 digits code. This code will be needed to activate your online account. You need to pass through the process in order to make your card valid for further use.
  • The first time, you make your payment, you will be able to check the balance that remained.
  • To check your balance, you must access our online portal.
  • The moment our portal activates, you must enter your card details.
  • Card details refer to the number on your card and the PIN.
  • Once you enter your details, you will be asked to undergo a captcha test. Give the code or captcha you are asked to do.
  • It will take that much of time only how much you require to provide the details. Once you are done, the system must load our servers and will display your remaining balance in the card.
  • Now, if you want, you can check your limit amount. Also, know this that you won’t be able to use an amount greater than what you have as your remaining balance.
  • The final stage comes and you can simply log out of our system. There will be an appropriate tab for this.

These are the steps that you must follow for seamless utilization of the cards. Once you are acquainted with the procedure, you will love to use your PrepaidGiftBalance card for making payments while shopping in any store in the country.

How to Login to

The Bank National Association of the United States issues this PrepaidGiftBalance. Everyone is competent to apply for this card and the application will be approved very soon. You can apply for both the debit and credit cards. To help you with this, we would like to share with you how to login to your own account. The process is as follows

  • At first, you need to go to our official website by typing
  • Now that you have come to the right place, hover through your screen and find out the login window at the right side of the screen.
  • The window has two parts. There is one window for new users. There is also another window for return users
  • Now assuming you are the new user, we would like to tell you to choose the window meant for new users. At first, you need to sign up.
  • There you will find out one ‘First Time Login’ option. There you will require to fill out the details by providing your account number of the card
  • Choose the ‘Enter’ option given there.
  • Once you do this, your sign up process will complete.
  • Now is the time for you to go prepaidgiftbalance login page.
  • Now you must select that previous window for the returning users that will ask for your card number as well as password.
  • Once you enter your account, you can check your card balance on that PrepaidgiftBalance card.
  • You can get your transaction history also.

The process is similar for those already using the service and cards. She just has to provide details in the returning users window. At the same time, you need to know that the login processes for both Visa and Mastercard are same because basically, they are the same type of cards although issued by two different issuers.

By following the steps given below you can log in to your online account and check your balance instantly. So, enjoy your shopping with PrepaidGiftBalance card. In the next section, we will talk about some specific features of these cards.

Conditions that Come with these Cards

With every product we use, there are some terms and conditions associated with it. You must adhere to those terms because of security and future assistance. Many a time not complying with the conditions may end up in an unnecessary legal battle. To enjoy the full benefits of a product, you must follow the conditions it comes with.

PrepaidGiftBalance too comes with some conditions. To avail full benefits of these cards, you must be aware of the rules. As it is regarding financial transaction, you must be extra cautious in understanding the regulations.

  • The moment you start using the cards, you will by default agree to the terms & conditions.
  • The National Bank of the United States can change those conditions without providing any notice earlier.
  • You can use your cards at every store in the States where the merchant accepts payments in Mastercards and Visa cards. This includes the location of Alaska and the State of Hawaii.
  • The cards do not have any access to cash. So they cannot be used in the ATMs.
  • The limit of the card is often printed on it. It might come as a $20 card or $50 card as chosen by you.
  • The name gift card comes with the definition that it can be used as a gift. You can transfer the balance to one of your friends on her birthday. You can provide access to the card to other family members.
  • The cards cannot be used in Fuel pumps. There is no legal authorization for such types of payments. So, everyone is advised not to make such payments because it is against the law.
  • The card comes free which means you need not pay any fee for procuring the service.
  • The cards need to be used as much as possible. If you discontinue using for more than 12 months you must pay a fee of $2.
  • You must have to provide your name. At the same time, you will provide your address as the part of internet purchasing.
  • If you want to change your PIN, you will have to call 888-853-9536.
  • In case of lost cards, you must call the helpline instantly so that the authority deactivates the card.
  • It is advised to keep your cards safe from the public. But in case you lose yours, inform the authority and get it deactivated. Additionally, you will have to make a payment of $5.95 to that respective bank.
  • Returns, refunds or other disputes will be subject to the policies maintained by the respective merchant.
  • If you still have any issue and it is not resolved, you can take help of the helpline services. The voice system will answer to your queries. You just need to make a call to 1-888-853-9536.

We strived hard to include all the details regarding PrepaidGiftBalance cards. If you still have a problem, we regret our incompetency and request you to take the assistance of our helpline number given below.

How to get a PrepaidGiftCard? 

A person living in the US can get a Prepaid Gift Card by applying for the same to the US Bank National Association. These cards can be used anywhere in stores in the United States where Visa and Master card credit and debit cards are accepted. Prepaid Gift Cards can be used anywhere inside the United States but cannot be used anywhere outside the United States.

Types of PrepaidGiftCard

The Prepaid Gift Cards have two variants or types and users can choose any one of them they like or find more convenient. The two variants are Visa Prepaid Gift Cards and Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards. The features and usages of both the variants are almost the same or similar. These two variants are almost the same, only the provider of these Prepaid Gift Cards is different. Visa Prepaid Gift Card is the card that the US National Bank is in partnership with Visa. Here we have share Types of PrepaidGiftCard Which You can check out below. Except the features listed above some of the other features of both the type these wonderful Prepaid Gift Cards are-


  • The cards can be used to purchase things and goods from merchants in the U.S.A only and any attempt to use the card in a foreign country will lead to the decline of payment.
  • The cards are accepted at all stores which accept payment through Visa or Master card Debit or Credit Cards in the United States.
  • The Prepaid Gift Card holder like Debit or Credit Cardholder also needs a PIN to use the card and make purchases.
  • These cards can be used to make smaller payments than Debit and Credit Cards as the Prepaid Gift Cards are different from Debit or Credit Cards.
  • Most often, the limit of the card is printed with bold letters on the card such as $100 or $ 500.
  • The purchases made from a Prepaid Gift Card can only be up to the limit of the card and after that, the card needs to be topped up or recharged for using it again.
  • Usually, the payments made from these cards of smaller value or less value.


Charges or fees for Prepaidgiftbalance

In the united states, you are able to get goods for this particular balance. Whether you’re overseas and attempt to buy anything with PrepaidGiftBalance Card, then the transaction will likely be denied. Prepaid Gift Card doesn’t include fees for using it nonetheless whether you do not use it for 12 months straight, then you’ll need to cover $2 charge.

How to check the Prepaid Gift Balance

Prepaid Gift Card contains a certain amount or balance. The balance or the amount in the Prepaid Gift Card can also be checked making it very convenient to use. The balance can be checked on the official website that is The holder of the card can then make purchases from the card according to the amount or balance present in the card and not be worried of exceeding the limit of the card at the time of making the purchases. In this way, the user of these cards will also get to know when they have to recharge or top up their Prepaid Gift Cards.

To check the balance of Prepaid Gift Card is very easy and one can check the balance by simply following these easy steps-


  • First of all the card is to be issued to the person and then the person can check the balance or limit of the Prepaid Gift Card. The card can easily be issued by applying to the United States Bank National Association.
  • To check the balance of the Prepaid Gift Card the holder of the card first must have an account and sign up at the website.
  • The account can be created by first opening the official website of Prepaid Gift Card-
  • On the opening of the official website of the Prepaid Gift Cards, one can find the Login Portal on the right side of the page. The login portal is for two kinds of users, one is first time users and the other is returning users.
  • To sign up and create an account one has to go to the first time user login window.
  • In the first time user window, Prepaid Gift Card number is to be entered by the user in the provided field and then click on Enter.
  • After this, all the details are to be filled by the user or holder of the card as required in the signing up process.
  • The account will be set up or created in a few minutes and it is very easy to do so by just following the easy instructions.
  • After the user has signed up or created an account he/she can check the balance or limit of the card.
  • Once the account is created the account is created the user is required to return to the official website of the Prepaid Gift Card and reach the Login Portal to check their balance or limit.
  • On reaching the Login Portal the Cardholder or user has to go to the returning users window and fill in the Prepaid Gift Card Number and the password and hit Enter.
  • By doing so the Cardholder can check their balance or limit of their card as well as the Prepaid Gift Card holder can also view their transaction history of the Card and then they can manage their purchases accordingly. The transaction history feature helps the Prepaid Gift Card holder to keep a track of their transactions and check on them if necessary.

Making Credit Card Payments With PrepaidGiftBalance

Steps – 1

Navigate to PrepaidGiftBalance’s official site and also join to your own account with your own username and password password.

Steps – 2

Numerous unique options is going to be shown in your screen.

Steps – 3

This you’ll likely be shown your overall dues and receive the choice to pay for the entire credit amount or the minimum charge amount. It’s also completely flexible in opting to cover any number between both of these lower and upper limits. But it is going to soon be a recommendation out of our side to pay for the complete sum and clean all of your own dues.

Steps – 4

There’ll not be any extra costs in your own payment should you pay the expected amount before the expected date.

PrepaidGiftBalance Mastercard Card

Here we are going to share detail about PrepaidGiftBalance Mastercard Card which equals popular to Prepaidgiftbalance. Mastercard is another version of Prepaidgiftbalance.

  • These Cards are not debit or credit cards And you can not use such as.
  • It’s possible to make payments on a lower scale than the debit card and charge cards.
  • It requires a PIN to activate the card and also make purchases.
  • The limitation of this card can be printed as the denomination for example $100 or $200 and in the future.
  • You can readily check the balance in your card by simply setting up an internet account on the Official Website.

Terms and Conditions of Prepaid Gift Balance

Though these cards are very convenient to use and bring a smile to our face every service or product comes with a list of terms and conditions which the user of the service or product must be aware of. Some of the terms and conditions of using Prepaid Gift Cards are-

  • Any person who starts using a prepaid gift card means that he has impliedly accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Prepaid Gift Card.
  • The terms and conditions of the Prepaid Gift Cards can be changed without prior notice to the users.
  • The cards can be used at any store in the U.S.A. which accept payment through Credit and Debit Cards.
  • The cards cannot be used at ATMs to withdraw cash and do not have cash access.
  • The usage of these cards do not require any fees to be charged but discontinued use of these cards for straight 12 months leads to a fine of $2.
  • The PIN of the cards can be changed by calling on the number 888-853-9536.
  • The internet purchases made through these cards require the name and address of the user of the Prepaid Gift Card.

There are many other terms and conditions that come attached with the use of these wonderful Prepaid Gift Cards.

Prepaid Gift Cards surely is convenient and easy to use. The hassle of carrying cash all the time is also reduced. They are even safe and secure as the balance can be checked and the transaction history also accessed by simply creating an account on the Official website of Prepaid Gift Card and logging in to it.

Last Words About Prepaidgiftbalance

This is utilized nationally. They’re made for ordinary usage. PrepaidGiftBalance optimizes it to get certain wants. You may use it on-line at which charge cards have been acknowledged and also you are going to certainly be astonished to understand your own card is going to likely be accepted to those on-line internet sites with no issue.

In the event you take advantage of a prepaid card, then you must assess the charge for your own card. In case the card is processed using a price over the readily available price, it’s going to soon be refused. In addition it’s essential to learn every one of the expressions and state of one’s cards.

In that you may get a charge of 1 month onto your own prepaid credit card. When you own an issue, head to this Frequently Asked Questions site to even get PrepaidGiftBalance tech support team specifically.