PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card Mastercard

Prepaid Gift Cards as the name suggests are prepaid which means they are recharged first and then used and are used for gifting purposes as well. Prepaid Gift Cards save the time and energy one has to invest in finding a perfect gift.

PrepaidGiftBalance Gift Cards

Prepaid Gift Cards are issued by United States Bank National Association to the customers who apply for it. Prepaid Gift Cards are very easy, convenient and safe to use. It reduces the headache of carrying cash all the time. Prepaid Gift Cards can be used for making small payments and when one is running low on cash.

Prepaid Gift Cards come in two variants-

  • Prepaid Gift Card Mastercard
  • Prepaid Gift Card Visa

There is not much difference between the two variants and are almost similar. The only difference is that they are provided by different providers. The features and usages of both the variants are almost the same. The customers can choose anyone they like better or are more comfortable with.

Prepaid Gift Cards can only be used in the United States and any attempt to make any payment outside the United States using Prepaid Gift Cards will be declined. All the stores in the United States that accept payment through Debit and Credit Cards Mastercard or Visa accept payment through these Prepaid Gift Cards. Prepaid Gift Cards are different from Credit and Debit Cards and cannot be used to withdraw money from the ATMs.

Like any other goods or services Prepaid Gift Cards also come with a list of Terms and Conditions. The user of these cards should be aware of these terms and conditions and should follow these terms and conditions.

Prepaid Gift Cards have a limited amount as their balance and one need to recharge it when they outrun their Prepaid Gift Card balance. Users of these cards can also check the balance of their card on the official website of Prepaid Gift Cards so that they can know when they have to recharge or top up their card. There are some easy steps through which one can check their cards balance. They are-

  • Visit the official website of Prepaid Gift Card
  • Enter the Prepaid Gift Card number and the Password in the login window and hit on login.
  • After logging in the user can check their balance or limit and also the transaction history of their card.

If a user does not have an account on the official website and it is first time then they will have to sign up first. The user has to reach on the First time user window on the right side of the Login Portal and enter their Prepaidgiftbalance number. After entering the Prepaid Gift Card number the user is required to fill all the other details required to set up their account. After creating the account the user has to return to the login portal and login through the Returning User window and can check their card’s balance.

Thus these Prepaid Gift Cards are easy and convenient to use. The card has a limited balance and help in minding one’s spending habit.